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 “Witches Everywhere”

Published by Outskirts Press —340-pages—Full-color with chapter head artwork

“Witches Everywhere” is available online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A limited supply is available from the author prior to its release in Kindle and Soft-Cover Print Version.

Personally signed author’s copies are currently available at a discount  through PayPal by clicking below.

Please note that the Kindle Version (not yet available, will only cost $2.99  from Amazon. Because the book is in full-color and is 340 pages, the print version from Amazon is currently listed at $32.95, a steep price for a soft-cover book.

The author’s “signed” copies of this first edition are being offered to purchasers who order from this site at  $18.95 each + tax. Plus a mailing and packaging charge of $5.50.

NOTE: A higher shipping price was shown on previous orders.  A rebate of $10.50 will be included in all pervious orders showing a $15.00 Shipping charge.  

 (The author must send signed books out individually after receiving them from the printer.)